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But not knowing
breaking the law is

Ignorance of law is not scary.

Ignorance of law is not scary.

but not knowing yourself breaking the law is

Since the law is crucial for all aspects of professional life, work, and daily living, we are dedicated to taking the real-world knowledge and experiences from our law firm, LIBOTHAI Law Firm, and refining and presenting it from the perspective of learners who need to engage with the law themselves. This allows individuals interested in learning about the law to apply this knowledge to their organizations effectively.

LIBOTHAI Academy aims to transform everyone's perspective on the law. We change the way you may have thought of law as complex and difficult by opening a new door, a door that makes legal education easy to understand and accessible to all. Not only online platforms, but our expert instructors also offer their expertise to organizations and educational institutions onside as well.

LIBOTHAI Academy is an institution under the umbrella of LIBOTHAI Law Firm Co., Ltd. Our goal is to empower everyone with legal knowledge through courses on law.


We present our courses in an online format with videos and well-prepared guides. We break down complex laws into small, easily digestible sections, reorganize them systematically, and explain them in simple language that everyone can understand. You can study as many times as you want, for as long as you want, making legal learning hassle-free and delivering outstanding results.

Easy-to-Understand Learning

Our courses are designed and taught by legal experts with honors degrees from leading universities in Thailand. They bring a wealth of experience from real-world work in courts, government agencies, and consulting for businesses and individuals for over 15 years. We understand your needs well, allowing you to learn directly from legal experts.

Expert-Led Content

Besides making legal knowledge easy to understand and systematic, we emphasize your ability to apply the knowledge immediately in your work and real-life situations. Our courses are designed with the goal of helping you understand how the law works in real-world scenarios.

Real-Life Perspective

We offer a variety of courses tailored to different professions and business organizations. Even those with no prior legal knowledge can learn from us. Our legal content, even in the most complex areas, is made accessible to the general public through straightforward language.

Comprehensive Courses

As the law has a profound impact on everyone's life, we believe that everyone can and should have the opportunity to learn and access the law without unnecessary complexity or difficulty. We are committed to providing everyone with essential knowledge and changing your perspective on the law, enabling you to understand and interpret it correctly and confidently.

We strive to transform the law from a potential obstacle to your life or work into a tool of intellect that accompanies you and your business towards success.





In addition to online courses, if you are organizing an event and looking for legal experts to enhance the knowledge of your audience and organization, you can invite our renowned legal experts to be guest speakers at your event. With their wealth of experience and insights into sharing knowledge, you can expect content that is informative, engaging, and tailored to your audience, allowing everyone to access and understand the knowledge better.

Don't miss this golden opportunity to learn from the best content and embark on a journey of knowledge and growth together. Contact us today to register for our online courses or schedule a consultation with our experts for your upcoming projects. Let's start the journey of knowledge and growth together.

Grow and Explore Opportunities with Us

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