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LIBOTHAI Academy is a platform that offers legal courses for professionals and business owners, taught by LIBOTHAI Law Firm Limited.

LIBOTHAI Law Firm Limited is a law firm founded and managed by Attorney Kantee Isareenuruk. They have been providing legal consultation and services for a collective 15 years, with their main office in Bangkok and branch offices in Hua Hin.

Throughout their years of operation, it has been observed that 70% of the company's cases result from professionals and business owners who "don't know" that their business practices are in violation of the law. When legal issues arise, these cases often end with the business owners on the losing side, having to pay significant damages.

Miss Kantee Isareenuruk, also known as "Attorney Cartoon," is an attorney and one of the founders of LIBOTHAI Law Firm, distinguished by her commitment to providing accessible and understandable legal services and consultations to all clients.

Education and Professional Background

Attorney Cartoon holds a bachelor's degree with Second Class honors, and a master's degree at faculty of law from Thammasat University, a leading educational institution in Thailand. She also holds a Thai legal license and has passed the Barrister-at-Law from Thai Bar Association, reflecting her expertise and dedication to providing high-quality legal services.

Learning and Expertise

Throughout her career, Attorney Cartoon has demonstrated a commitment to continuously learning and updating her legal knowledge. She brings this knowledge to her clients at LIBOTHAI Law Firm, both Thai and international, ranging from business operators to the general public, in a format that is easy to understand and organized, ensuring clients have a clear understanding of their legal rights and responsibilities.


In addition to legal consultations, Attorney Cartoon has initiated the LIBOTHAI Academy, which offers online law courses to make legal knowledge more accessible to the general public. This project reflects her commitment to promoting a broader understanding of law in society.


As the co-founder and executive of LIBOTHAI Law Firm, Attorney Cartoon has built a strong and expert team, dedicated to providing clients with the highest standards of service. Her dedication and care have made LIBOTHAI Law Firm a trusted and respected name among a wide clientele.


With her commitment, expertise, and attentive service, Attorney Cartoon has become a model modern attorney, using her skills to positively transform the legal understanding and challenges of her clients and the general public.

Co-Founder and Managing Director

Attorney Kantee Isareenuruk (Cartoon)

Some of her notable achievements include handling cases with damages valued at up to 240 million baht. These cases involved foreigners using Thai juristic persons as nominees to deceive and sell housing estates to both Thai and foreign buyers.


Attorney Kantee successfully pursued these cases to the extent that they were elevated to special investigations by the Department of Special Investigation (DSI) and garnered significant attention from various media outlets.

Profile of Mr. Khajohnphop Tantipohnsinchai


Education and Professional Background

Mr. Khajohnphop graduated with a Bachelor's degree and a Master's degree in faculty of Law from Thammasat University. He also holds a lawyer's license and is a member of the Thai Bar Association. He is the founder and executive of Libothai Law Firm, a law firm that provides legal services in both consulting and litigation. Later, with over 15 years of experience in the legal industry, he established Libothai Academy.

Learning and Expertise

Before founding Libothai Academy, Mr. Khajohnphop had experience working as a legal consultant in a leading national law firm. Additionally, he served as a police officer, holding the position of Deputy Inspector in the Tourist Police Division of the Royal Thai Police. With his extensive experience in both the public and private sectors, Mr. Khajohnphop has a deep understanding of the justice system.


As the executive of Libothai Academy, Mr. Khajohnphop focuses on managing and supervising the team's work to achieve maximum efficiency in providing high-quality legal knowledge to businesses and the general public. With Mr. Khajohnphop's knowledge, skills, and experience, both Libothai Law Firm and Libothai Academy have gained widespread recognition.


With his leadership vision and dedication to management, Mr. Khajohnphop is ready to lead Libothai Academy to stable growth, making it a source of easily accessible and understandable legal information for everyone, whether individuals or business organizations. This truly builds confidence and credibility for Libothai Academy.

Enhance the knowledge of Entrepreneurs

While such cases have earned the firm a considerable reputation, it has also left many people, who earn their livelihood with integrity but lack legal knowledge, feeling distressed. This has had an emotional impact on Attorney Kantee, whether these individuals are clients of the firm or not.

Attorney Kantee believes that if business owners have legal knowledge related to their professions, it can help reduce problems and damages of this nature. Hence, LIBOTHAI Academy was established as a channel to convey legal knowledge and experiences to the general public who have little or no prior legal background, enabling them to understand and apply it in practice.

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